About Us

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Creative Shade for All Occasions. The focus is on providing a large style selection of men's and women's sunglasses for online shoppers. Fashion. Trendy. Classic. Sporty. High Tech. And More. Whereas other companies focus on brands, we focus on style "Unique as You". 


COMPANY INFLUENCE: Sunglass Innovation was inspired by and is dedicated to "CS Montecristo". He was a successful and creative eyewear innovator who was ahead of his time. Our catalog includes many fun, cool, unique sunglass styles for men and women.


ON-DEMAND INTRODUCTION: We created a new concept called "On-Demand Eyewear". If photo of a sunglass style you are seeking is sent to us, not on website, and we locate it through one of our vendors, it will be added to our collection.